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New Horizons

New Horizons is a program for adults with developmental disabilities and special needs ages 18 and up. The New Horizons program provides safe and supervised recreational outings in the community that offer social interaction, skill building, and life-long friendships. While participants are having fun, their full-time caregivers are provided with the “time-off” they need to better care for their loved ones.

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YMCA New Horizons Provides…

  • Meaningful & constructive leisure activities for developmentally disabled adolescents & adults.
  • Opportunities for fun, independence and normalization.
  • Break time for parents/family/caregivers.
  • A place to make new friends, experience new things, see new places, and have fun!
  • Opportunities to develop social, motor, language, camping, travel, and group sharing skills.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you willing to give up a night out to give someone else the experience of a lifetime or one they might not otherwise have?

$100 supports 1 participant for a night of bowling & a movie night.
$250 supports 1 participant for one month of movies, dancing,
arcade nights, and sports outings or 5 participants for a night of
golf, Sky High, or fitness night.
$500 supports 1 participant for an overnighter/weekend trip.
$1,000 supports 1 participant for a trip to Universal Studios,
Florida or an Anaheim Ducks or Angels game each month for a year.
$2,500 supports 1 participant for a year of bowling, cooking classes
& themed dances.
$5,000 supports 1 participant for a year of Saturday outings to
Hollywood, Big Bear, Oak Glen, Theater Performance, Catalina Island,
and more! It can also support 10 participants for an overnight
trip/weekender to Nevada, Palm Springs, Spring Training & theme
$10,000 supports 10 participants for a trip to Universal Studios or
Disneyland & California Adventure theme parks.

New Horizon Testimonies

Three and a half years ago, Dean and I set out on an unknown adventure by leaving the comforts of Torrance (friends, family, etc.) where Dean had lived his entire life and moving to Orange County. Dean only knew a few people in Orange County at that time. In Torrance, Dean was very active with Special Olympics and in many social programs.
Jane Lim, Dean’s Regional Center Service Coordinator, introduced us to New Horizons. What a blessing this has been for Dean! Through the Y, Dean has expanded his number of friends a hundred fold, attends all of the Ducks, Lakers, and Angel games as he is a huge (and I mean huge) sports fan, hangs out with his Y friends at Dave and Busters and Boomers, and participates in other activities including many of the Y dances. Dean cannot wait to get the new monthly calendars to see what activities he is going to be able to attend each month. New Horizons has given Dean a new “social home” and opportunities to see Orange County. New Horizons has given me the reassurance that my son is with a reliable staff that will look out for him while providing him the opportunity for him to hang out with friends.
Thank you Lan and your staff for offering this amazing program to my son and his friends. Your staff is so accommodating to have a drop off/pick up in Santa Ana which allows Dean to take the bus so he attend the y activities.

I’m writing this letter to share what a dramatic difference the New Horizons social programs have made in my daughter’s life! As an Autistic young lady, my daughter, Samantha, has struggled with fitting-in, making friends, and having a social life in general. As parents, we know only too well the pain of seeing our kids suffer when surrounded by other young people who are navigating the social aspects of life seemingly effortlessly. Having a safe, non-judgemental environment in New Horizons has offered opportunities to interact with others and enjoy social activities our kids would not otherwise have. Our kids look forward to the New Horizons social outings because for some, this IS the extent of their social interactions with others.
In addition to the obvious mental health and social benefits, we also see tremendous growth in how are kids interact with the outside world at large. My daughter, in particular is now employed part-time with a job coach at a local store. This is directly correlated to having more confidence in herself after many years of going out in public with New Horizons and learning appropriate behaviors. My daughter and so many others like her, have proven how important programs like New Horizons are to help our kids basically “make it” out in the real world. I, and other parents I have spoken with over the years, are tremendously grateful for the positive impact New Horizons has had on our kids and our families. We implore you to continue with these fantastic programs for our special-needs children. The goal for our children is to be more mainstreamed into society and become contributors rather than simply dependents and the New Horizons program directly helps in achieving this goal! I remain, eternally grateful.
Respectfully, Leslie Crucil

When my son turned 18 I began looking for social opportunities for him. Being autistic, my biggest fear was that he would have no social outlet and become a recluse, sit at home most nights. When I heard of New Horizons I was skeptical, not sure that my son could participate in the program or have meaningful interactions with others, but I desperately wanted something for him so we gave it a try. I’m happy that we did. My son has been with NH for six years and it has been life changing for him as well as our family. I would have never thought he could gain so much independence and be able to participate in so many events including dinners out, dances, bowling, and even trips! He looks forward to the bimonthly calendar of events. It gives him the opportunity to be a part of a community, and it provides our family with some much needed respite. The scholarship program has allowed him to participate in events he would not be able to otherwise, and it really has benefitted our family in so many ways. I am constantly amazed at the level of independence my son has achieved since being with NH. I can honestly say that NH has been the best opportunity my son has had as an adult, and I recommend the program to anyone who has an adult child with special needs. The staff is caring and attentive and the activities are geared to be fun and diverse in order to appeal to many of the clients served. New Horizons is the BEST! – Hope Schroeder

Our son Jeff, has been part of New Horizon’s program for 20 some years. Reginal Center only gives so many respite hours per year. This program is the only social life our son has. He enjoys going to the Lakers games, the hockey games, and China Town trip once a year. He talks about the events so happily and the staff are so trust worthy and we feel he’s in a safe environment. When his hours run out he’s so disappointed and doesn’t understand the respite hours policy. We, his parents are up in our 70’s and live on Soc Security and don’t have extra monies to send him on these trips, that’s where the scholarship program comes into play to help us out. It is a blessing to be able to allow one more trip for the year when Regional Ctr respite hours are all used up. Its the only time our son can go places, because we can’t take him anymore, we do well to keep him at home with us. He is 57years old but has the heart of a child.- Gael Traer

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You can become a volunteer leader and help someone with special needs, enriching your own life and teaching valuable skills to the participants. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and older. For information, please contact: (714) 508-7635 and

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