Resident Camp 2014


COMING IN AUGUST 2015 (Ages 8-17)
Resident Camp Registration Packet

Resident Camp 2015

Meet new friends, try something new, and discover who you are and what you can achieve!

Activities include: • Hiking • Riflery • Swimming • Mining • High/low ropes course • Zip Lining • Team building activities • Nightly campfires • Leadership and Character Development

For more information call (949) 380-3521 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Scholarships available.

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Price: $350
Campers: 8-12 Years
Teen Campers: 13-17 Years

Limited scholarships available

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Camp Stories

Camryn Y - Camp


Camp is really special to me because it gives me a chance to relax and not worry about my appearance and think about how I can be a better friend. Camp has given me mories that will last to the end and will always make me smile. I have made many friends at camp and so many of them still come to camp with me so we can make moments of true friendship. Camp Oakes has so many activities I could never get bored of them. Camp means everything to me and it would mean the world to me me if others could enjoy this experience. Someday I hope to share my happiness with others and let them enjoy this amazing camp and keep it close to their hearts.

Camryn Y.
Camp & Afterschool Care

Stephanie Settles - Camp Oakes


Camp Oakes is more than just having fun. Camp is where it can help you in life, teaches you the 7 pillars, and overcome your fear. When I first came to camp I was scared of the rock wall, but I came the next year and I touched the bell. I was so excited that I overcame my fear. Camp is so fun! Camp is like my life. I make good friends like Catrina Falencki. I love camp!

Stephanie Settles
Camp Oakes & Afterschool Care

Cindy Mirsky - Summer Day Camp in 1968


From August 1967 to May 1968 it had been a huge struggle for me. About four years earlier, my father had been killed in an automobile accident leaving his wife at age 25 and four year old daughter with little money as my parents hadn't had enough money to buy life insurance. My mother was an attractive woman and within a relatively short time, she was dating and remarried. Our new happy family moved to Anaheim in August 1967 from Long Beach. But life in Anaheim was far different than the one I knew in Long Beach, where I had numerous friends and was involved in the student council. In Anaheim, I had no friends and forget even thinking about student council as it was enough to just get through the day at a new school with a new "dad" too. There must have been an advertisement at my elementary school about the Y-day Camp for the upcoming summer break. I remember I asked my parents if I could go, thinking they would say no, but to my surprise they said "yes" for one week. I have to say,that week in August 1968 was the best week of my entire summer. I had a blast and I made two friends, that later, when I was in Junior High and High school, attended the same school that I did. Our week at the Y-Day Camp became our common bond and even today, 44 years later, I am still friends with one of the girls I met at that summer day camp way back in 1968. I don't think my words convey how wonderful that week was for me. After having a year at school where I had been unsuccessful at making any friends and then having a week at the Y Day Camp and making two friends, it gave me the confidence to begin fifth grade with a new attitude and confidence that I would make new friends--and in fact, I did. I also have to say, because of my experience, I have always supported the Y. And when my children were young and needed after school care, I had no doubt the Y was the place for my kids to go for after-school care. The Y truly is a great place to learn new things and make new friends...and in some instances...even friends for a lifetime!p>

Cindy Mirsky
Summer Day Camp at the Y: The Year 1968

Delaine Anderson - Camp


Ever since I was old enough to understand things, my mom couldn't let my brother do things without me. From forcing my way into an all-boy's T-ball team when I was 5 or 6, to getting my way and having my mom tell the director I was my brother Garrett's twin, when I was a year younger we stayed together. Ever since I was enrolled in camp a year earlier, it changed my life. No longer can I focus on trivial things like, "Ew my hair looks bad!" or "oh my god, he doesn't like me!" Your eyes are open at camp to the fact that those things don't matter. Life is a lot bigger than cell phones or Facebook. Each person around you is so different that you can't afford to ignore them any longer. I'm 13 now, and for the 6 years I've gone to camp, 8 different times, no experience is ever the same. Every year I can feel myself becoming a better person because that's what camp does to you. I don't know whether it's the clear air or the good food, but camp does change you. It teaches you, if nothing else, to be yourself.

Delaine Anderson
Camp & Afterschool Care

Tyler - Camp Oakes


Camp is one of my favorite places to go. Here are some of the many reasons why. First of all when you're up at camp you are able to express yourself without being judged. I like that you're able to dance and sing all you want. I have been able to learn so much about myself and make new friends. Camp Oakes is like my home away from home. Thank you for letting me visit it year after year. It's my favorite thing to do every summer and hopefully every winter now too.

Camp Oakes & Afterschool Care

Annalise Spanos - Camp


Camp is important to me because it is a chance to have fun and try new things. For example, although I am really scared of heights the high ropes were really fun to try and it is something I would have never done if it wasn't for camp. Also, I love making new friends and becoming closer with the ones I already knew. Camp is an opportunity to escape and forget about things at home. I love camp and I will never forget the great experiences I have there.

Annalise Spanos
Camp & Afterschool Care

Twilight Sparkle - Camp Oakes


Dear Princess Celestia, I have learned many valuable lessons in friendship here at Camp Oakes, but the most important one would be to always help your fellow ponies.

Every pony at camp acts like one big family, whether they are helping another, singing songs, playing games, or even having a snowball fight! This act of learning has also taught me to walking another pony's hooves. These lessons and the helpful ponies are enough to keep me coming back!

Twilight Sparkle
Camp Oakes & Afterschool Care

Caprice Kavanaugh - Resident Camp


I became part of the Y when I was 10 yrs old, going to day camp and resident camp. I've been going to Camp Oakes each summer since then and would never miss it. When I got old enough, I started working with the Y in afternoon childcare. I love being around the kids and being able to help guide them to make the right choices.

I've continued to be part of the Y so I can make a different with the youths I come in contact with and the communities that surround them.

Caprice Kavanaugh
Resident Camp & Afterschool Care

Catrina Falencki - Camp Oakes


Camp Oakes is more than just a regular summer camp. It has taught me things that I would never think of learning. When I came to camp for my first year I was so scared to do things like ride a hourse. Things like that let me overcome things in life. Before camo starts I feel so excited. I just love camp so much! The leaders are just so amazing. Every year I get so excited and I just love it so much. This is going ot be my fourth year going. My cabin mates means the world to me and they are so nice.

Catrina Falencki
Camp Oakes & Afterschool Care

Rainey - Camp Oakes


The YMCA has helped me be a better person. I am better at mind, exercises, heights, and making friends., I've had the best time in my life! The most challenging thing was definitely the Rock Wall but the YMCA Camp Oakes program has helped me with my fears. The Y has helped me so much!

Camp Oakes & Afterschool Care



Children who have experienced YMCA camp may exhibit:

  • Independence
  • Pride
  • Leadership
  • New Friendships
  • Great Memories
  • Increased cooperation skills
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Awareness of environment and lifestyle choices
  • Great, big, happy SMILES

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