The Y has been teaching people to swim for more than a century!  We offer a variety of swim programs for all ages that challenge and develop participants in spirit, mind, & body.  From toddlers who need basic water safety and survival skills to seniors who need to brush up on their breast stroke, YMCA swimming is for everyone. The Y is a nonprofit charity that provides scholarship assistance so that everyone can LEARN TO SWIM! Click on a program below to learn more!

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Charter Schools

The YMCA of Orange County is an approved vendor for the following:

  • Excel Academy
  • National University Academy
  • Inspire Charter Schools
  • Empire Springs Charter
  • ILead Schools
  • Sky Mountain Charter
  • Diego Hills Charter
  • Julian Charter
  • Sage Oak Charter

Please contact Jennifer Heinen at (949) 495-9622 for an assessment or info about your local YMCA branch.



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 YMCA Swim Lesson Levels

Pike:  designed for participants with little to no swim experience. Children work towards water adjustment and basic swimming skills. There are no prerequisites for enrollment. Class ratio is 1:4.

Eel: designed for children who can swim 3-5 feet without assistance. Participants work towards reviewing and improving basic skills, and are challenged to build greater skill and endurance in both shallow and deeper water. Eel swimmers should not be afraid to put their face in the water. Prerequisites: Certificate of Completion for Pike and/or a Passed Skills Test. Class ratio is 1:4.

Rays: swimmers can swim 10-15 feet on their front and back unassisted and are learning to coordinate the four swimming strokes through proper breathing and technique. Prerequisites: Certificate of Completion for Eel and/or a Passed Skills Test. Class ratio is 1:5.

Polliwogs: designed for swimmers who are new to the water. This class will focus on helping participants become more comfortable in the water with an emphasis placed on water safety and acclimation. There are no prerequisites for enrollment. Class ratio is 1:6.

Guppies: developed for swimmers who are comfortable putting their faces in the water and are able to swim 10-15 feet unassisted. Swimmers will work towards accomplishing rotary breathing and will be introduced to the four basic strokes. Certificate of Completion for Polliwog and/or a Passed Skills Test. Class ratio is 1:6.

Minnows: swimmers can swim one length of the pool and has basic knowledge of the four swimming strokes. Children will work towards improving endurance and skill in all four strokes in preparation of swim team. Certificate of Completion for Guppy and/or a Passed Skills Test. Class ratio is 1:7.

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