Water Polo

YMCA Water Polo leagues and clinics offer the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport in a supportive environment that emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and physical fitness.

Water Polo Clinics 

Athletes to learn drills, skills, and rules for water polo in preparation for competition. All players must feel comfortable treading water.

Water Polo leagues

Instruction, practice, and competition for athletes.  All players must feel comfortable treading water.

Splash Ball

Prepare for participation in water polo with Splash Ball.


Winter Session: Jan - April 2014 (Click to View)

Spring/Summer Session: May - Aug 2014

AgeProgramStart DateEnd DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
Newport Beach Family YMCAexpander
5-12Splash Ball Advanced 05/06/201405/29/2014Tue Thu06:30pm07:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Advanced 06/03/201406/26/2014Tue Thu06:30pm07:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Advanced 07/01/201407/31/2014Tue Thu06:30pm07:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Advanced 08/05/201408/28/2014Tue Thu06:30pm07:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Beginner 05/06/201405/29/2014Tue Thu05:30pm06:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Beginner 06/03/201406/26/2014Tue Thu05:30pm06:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Beginner 07/01/201407/31/2014Tue Thu05:30pm06:30pmRegister
Splash Ball Beginner 08/05/201408/28/2014Tue Thu05:30pm06:30pmRegister

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