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The YMCA Inclusion program can be utilized for all children with special needs and/or challenging behaviors. We provide services to children with developmental and learning disabilities, sensory challenges, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, emotional disturbance, as well as assist with self-care (diapering, feeding, etc.) if needed.

What is Inclusion?

afterschool_2013_inclusionInclusion is accepting differences and responding to individual needs and differences in which all individuals are provided a sense of belonging- being a part of the community- valued and respected as a contributing member. Inclusion encourages flexibility, implementing modifications and personalized adaptations. Inclusion benefits all children, staff and families through opportunities to learn and value one another. Inclusion allows for all individuals to experience life to the fullest.

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

Our communities consist of many diverse individuals, children and families. A unique population within our diverse communities are Children with special needs. As with all individuals, children and families, children with special needs desire to belong and feel welcomed within the community. Inclusion includes developing, modifying, and implementing programming that provides successful opportunities for children to participate along with same age peers within the community.

Inclusion Services

Y Inclusion can be utilized for all children with special needs and/or challenging behaviors. We provide services to children with but not limited to developmental and learning disabilities, sensory challenges, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, emotional disturbance, as well as assist with self-care (diapering, feeding, etc.) if needed.

Possible Indicators (not limited to) for one-on-one Inclusion services:
• Elopement (wandering tendencies)
• Lacks personal safety or sense of boundaries
• Self-Injurious Behavior
• Harmful behaviors towards participants or staff
• Self-Care Needs beyond occasional
• Non-Communicative
• Tantrums or emotional “meltdowns”
• Sensory or social integration challenges.

Where Y Inclusion Provides Service

afterschool_2013_inclusion_smallY Inclusion provides service as a third party at the group child care provider or community program site based on the child care or community program’s permission. Our services are utilized at YMCA child care sites, private preschools, Boys & Girls Clubs, school district child care programs, community and city recreational programs, etc. It is the responsibility of each parent to discuss utilizing Y Inclusion services with the child care or community program provider.

Direct One-to-One Behavior Support

The Y Inclusion program facilitates a welcoming environment that fosters the inclusion of children with special needs ages 3 to 17 who are enrolled in a preschool, child care or community program setting throughout the county.

Y Inclusion staff provides direct one to one positive behavior support in order to assist in developing social skills and independence for each individual child. Y Inclusion staff will directly support each child’s participation and integration into the group setting while reinforcing positive behavior. Examples of direct positive support include staff modelling social skills, providing appropriate prompting, prepare each child for transitions, modify and adapt scheduled group activities into achievable tasks, utilizing calming techniques, development and implementation of social stories and visual supports, as well as modelling strategies to assist program staff with understanding and strategies to best support the success of each child.

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Parent Resource/Support

Y Inclusion staff work in partnership with each parent/family to understand and develop behavior goals to support your child’s individual needs. Behavior Goals and recommended modifications to the behavior plan are reviewed with parent as well as recommendations to implement in the home environment to encourage consistency for each child’s success.

Y Inclusion also provides parent workshop opportunities throughout the year as well as linking parents and families to additional resources within the community.

Child Care Provider / Community Care Provider Resource

The Y Inclusion team is committed to assisting each child care / community program site staff with resources and workshop opportunities to assist in understanding your child’s individual needs, recommendations for implementing respectful accommodations, as well as training that supports each child’s behavior goals and positive behavior support plan.

Parent Steps to Inclusion Services

  • Contact Y Inclusion and complete Y Inclusion Intake and Registration.
  • Parent obtains authorization from child care / community program provider to allow Y Inclusion to provide services within the program.
  • Child Observation and behavior assessment will be conducted at the program site for the purpose of developing a behavior plan that will support your child’s needs.
  • An inclusion staff member will be matched with your child – (wait list may be applicable in order to hire or train a staff member to best meet the needs of your child).
  • A placement meeting will be scheduled for Y Inclusion, Parent and Site Director to meet and establish the child’s behavior goals and support strategies that are recommended for your child.
  • Inclusion staff member will be scheduled to provide support to your child at the program site.

Inclusion fees

Inclusion fees are separate from any fees paid to the child care or community program site provider. Y Inclusion fees are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Additionally we do accept payment from Third Party agencies including Regional Center of Orange County. Financial Assistance is available.


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YMCA Inclusion Stories

Steffany Lohn

Our son has been working with his Y Inclusion aide for about a year now, and we couldn’t be happier with our aide and the program. We know he is really able to participate in all the Y activities in a way he would not be able to without her. She really helps him get the most out of his time at the Y. From socializing to doing homework, we know he is safe, happy and well-cared for while he is there.

Steffany Lohn
YMCA Community Services – INCLUSION

Jeff and Tracy Persic


Tracy and I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Chris, and the Y-Inclusion staff for all you have done for our son Jake. Jake has been able to fully participate in the TLC after school program because of your committed and supportive staff. He is able to socialize with his peers, play games and do arts/crafts. He was even able to earn the ability to go on field trips during the Summer with the help and accompaniment of Chris.

We cannot say enough about Chris. On a daily basis, Chris keeps us informed about Jake’s progress. We have excellent communication. It’s great to see her involvement with his socialization. Tracy and I can go to work with peace of mind and not have to worry about Jake. We thank all of you for everything that you do for our kids (and parents!) each and every day!

Jeff and Tracy Persic
YMCA Community Services – INCLUSION

Suzanne Stephen

The Y Inclusion program has been a vital asset to my child’s development, facilitating his inclusion in a regular after school care and summer camp program. The staff has shown a great ability to accommodate his needs and help him progress. His participation has resulted in significant improvements in behavior, social development and independence.

Suzanne Stephen
YMCA Community Services – INCLUSION

Chirag Patel

I have always been pleased with the educational background and credentials of the providers at YMCA. Most of them come from educational facilities. My son, who has a disability, has progressed a lot with the help from the Y Inclusion staff, especially socially and emotionally. Best part is going to the day care works as a motivating factor for my son. Y Inclusion always has a trained staff available at all the times at my request. Y Inclusion has always evaluated my child as and when his needs change and the management is pretty open for implementing changes I request and I appreciate them for that. I highly recommend Y Inclusion for any of your day care needs.

Chirag Patel (Parent)
YMCA Community Services – INCLUSION


My daughter is on the autism spectrum, and the Y is phenomenal in helping her develop social skills.