The Y is Family to Us

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Brad Dawson – Newport-Mesa Family YMCA Member

At first I came in only to inquire about summer camp for Brixton, my 5 year old son, as I always went to camp at the Y when I was a kid. Once we realized there were discounts with the family membership on camps, if we were members, not to mention all the included classes and amenities, pool, gym, KidZone, etc., it seemed like a “no brainer”.

We have been members for over 6 months now and I have to say the Y is more like a family to us. Abby, my other half, Brixton and I all look forward to coming in. Brixton had so much fun at camp and is an amazing swimmer now as a result. Abby and I are regular attendees of the boot camp classes, and love it!! Just ask the trainers, especially Katie and Kelly. We are pretty religious and they keep us challenged. Not having to plan out a routine is great. We just show up and they have the work out all planned out for the day, week, or even month. Workouts are never the same and always focus on a different muscle group or style of training.

I have had memberships at almost every huge corporate gym and also have trained with smaller more focused independent gyms and I feel that the Y is the best of both worlds. I can get focused intense functional training at boot camp and the family environment of the KidZone and camps all while having friendly relationships with all the members and employees. This is what makes the Y different. At so many gyms you have to deal with overcrowded machines and feeling like your workout is some sort of contest. The attitude and vibe are just different at the Y, with all of the same amenities as any other gym.

Having been sober for almost 5 years now, training has become a fundamental part of my recovery. Not just physical, but for my mental health as well. I have found that intense training is crucial to my serenity. Nothing quiets the mind like a boot camp butt kicking from Adriana. There are even yoga classes that maybe I will get to someday. My point is the Y has everything I could ask for from a gym plus more. I could go on and on about the Y and how it’s different than other gyms.

There is no better place for my family and I to be members. See ya tomorrow at boot camp!!!

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