Top 5 Reasons For Jumping In The Pool This Summer

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Along with sunny skies and warm weather, summer has a way of inviting excitement into the air. With summer comes the possibility for new activities and adventures. The big question here, is which fun activities and adventures are worth filling your summer schedule with?

Swimming is the leading symbol of summer fun. However, swimming is not “a good time only” type of activity. Actively swimming provides you with endless health opportunities delivered in a fun, engaging workout. Let’s explore the top 5 leading reason to dive into swim this summer!

1. It is for everybody(mostly)
Swimming is the only sport that is completely neutral on its participants. Whether you are a young child, in your late 60’s, or somewhere in between, the workout swimming provides is suitable for all. Swimming is welcoming to all fitness levels likewise. You may be a seasoned athlete or at the beginning your fitness journey, the pool is a safe place that most everyone can jump into and enjoy. However, swimming is physical fitness and you should consult your physician first if you have medical questions.

2. Physical Benefits
Swimming is a fantastic comprehensive activity because it addresses a person’s mobility, flexibility, and physical strength all in one workout. In order to swim laps, you have to move your entire body with the water which improves strength in your major muscle groups including your abdominals, glutes, and chest. The constant reaching moment will enhance flexibility and continuous stretching. Not to mention, swimming is a major calorie burner for those that are looking to lose or maintain weight. One hour of swimming laps at a moderate pace can burn up to 700 calories.

3. Health Benefits
While swimming is labeled a low-impact sport, it’s packed with many major health benefits. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that expands your lung capacity and can improve blood pressure. While your major muscles are activated during the workout your heart rate increases which causes your lungs to manage oxygen efficiently. The more you swim, the more you’re endurance will improve which in turn will lower your blood pressure. Swimming is an excellent way to build cardiovascular endurance, while breaking away from the high-impact stress on the body that dryland sports administer.

4. Mental Benefits
In such a busy world, it’s common for people seek therapy and release through their workouts. When you are working out your body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduces the perception of pain. Water itself provides people with feelings of renewal and clarity. When tethered to the endorphin release from the workout factor of swimming, it’s easy to recognize swimming as the ultimate activity for stress relief.

5. Social Outlet
Swimming is a very social activity. Much of swimming takes place with friends and family in a backyard pool or at the beach. If you’re swimming at a community pool, you are surrounded by fellow swimmers and swim classes. When you are surrounded by people, the chance to make a new friend or exchange an intriguing conversation increases. Engaging in a social activity is a great way to boost overall well-being and confidence.

Swimming is a fantastic way to build fitness, engage socially, and activate your overall health. However, diving into a new activity can be a little unnerving or it can be completely empowering. For many the hardest part is getting started. The first step when starting a new activity is deciding where to start, so why not start now? With summer fun in mind, it’s time to submerge yourself into the active pool of swimming![/vc_column_text]

Contributing Author: Chelsea Seburn


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