Why I Joined The Y

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Anita Alvarez – Fullerton Family YMCA Member

My daughter once asked me, “Mom, where is your happy place?” I closed my eyes and I saw myself in the pool of my YMCA. The YMCA has become such a meaningful place for my family. It is our “happy place.”

My name is Anita Alvarez and my family and I have been members of the Fullerton Family YMCA for approximately three years now. The YMCA is an amazing place! I go there to exercise and to have fun. But, – the main reason
I joined the YMCA is because it is a place I can go with all my kids and because there is something for everyone to do.

My two sons can play outside in the soccer arena and my girls and I can
have a delightful swim in the pool. I absolutely love the fact that all of them can come with me and we can exercise together. My kids range between the ages of 8 and 23 years old and each one of them can find something they enjoy.

The YMCA has made a huge impact in my life. I feel so much better due to my exercise regimen. I suffer from hypertension and my doctor recommended that I exercise to lower my numbers. I have benefited tremendously from the Aqua Fit classes. These classes are my favorite  because they help me release so much tension I carry on my shoulders. They improved my posture and I have even lost some extra weight. I am also in love with all the Aqua Fit instructors – they are absolutely wonderful. They are all very kind and all have their own routines that are as unique as they are.

I have also met so many wonderful people  and  made so many
new friends of all different ages at the Y!

The YMCA is a lot more than just a gym, it’s a place that I go to feel happy and to improve my life. It has welcomed my family and it has greatly benefited our lives. The best part is that my oldest daughter now works as a child care provider for the YMCA. I am so proud of her!

Thank you to every single person who dedicates their time and energy to make sure that the YMCA remains a wonderful place for the whole family.  The Fullerton Family YMCA is my very own” Happy Place.”

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