Why The Y?

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Reggie Kater -YMCA Membership Coordinator, dad, husband and friend.

“As a child, I was overweight with high cholesterol…Since starting at the YMCA in 2016, I have focused on ‘my why’ and lost a total of 80lbs. My inspiration comes from the Y family, seeing our active older adult members each day, the kids in the Earn a Bike Program and my daughter. There is no excuse to not be healthy and I hope my story will inspire others…”

Reggie was struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle since 2012, pushing 300lbs. He realized that he needed to make a drastic change when he decided to eat dinner at Chipotle one night. “It’s a really funny story,” he said. After eating a full burrito, he noticed that he was still hungry and decided to order and finish another burrito plus three tacos. After his glorious meal, he said to himself, “That’s enough…it’s time for a change.”

Reggie’s first experience with the Y was working for the Laguna Niguel Family YMCA. He had a good friend who worked with the Y and told Reggie of his great experience. Reggie figured he would have just as good of an experience and decided to pursue an opportunity with the Y as well and begin his fitness journey.

Over the 2 years that Reggie has been with the Y, he has lost a total of 80lbs! His fitness routine consists of mostly lifting weights with a little bit of cardio at least 4-6 times a week. He really enjoys doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) because it gets his heart rate up, which is great for burning calories and shedding fat.

Reggie believes that patience is the key to obtaining your goal. “We live in a world where we want results RIGHT NOW!” He stated. “But everyone is different and everyone’s body is different as well. That’s why it’s called a ‘fitness journey,’ not a race.”

Reggie’s motivation to keep going comes from the support system he has at the Y. Every time a coworker, member, friend, or community member mentioned how slim and healthy he was starting to look, it increased his confidence. His drive and commitment also comes from the encouraging Y community that he is a part of. Each time someone saw him eating something bad or didn’t see him at a group exercise class, friends would remind him not to fall off the wagon and keep pushing towards his goals.

During these last 2+ years, Reggie has developed a great passion working for the Laguna Niguel Family YMCA. What he loves most is getting to meet new people, coaching kids in the basketball league and teaching kids in the Earn A Bike Program about healthy living.

Thank you Reggie for your dedication and passion towards what you do and for paying forward the inspiration to others who are working on becoming a healthier and better version of themselves!

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