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Don Juan Avila Middle School Family YMCA Teen Club

At the Don Juan Avila Middle School Family Y, we care for kids! The YMCA Teen Club provides a safe environment for your teen (grades 6-8) to be with friends while participating in organized and fun activities. Character development activities will assist in providing the students with the tools needed to grow into successful young adults. Don Juan Avila Middle School Family YMCA in Aliso Viejo gives your child something fun and constructive to do before and after school each day!



26278 Wood Canyon
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 360-9517


7:00am-6:00pm M-F

Don Juan Avila Middle School Offerings

Year Round Programs
Winter Day Camp Weekly Activity Calendar

Art Club, Science Club, Ceramics Club, Cooking Club, Photography Club, Engineering Club and T.L.C. (Teens Leading their Community). Our TLC team lets the teen have a say in the type of programming that is offered, like events, curriculum, and the monthly snack menu.

Service Learning/Family Involvement

CARES Backpack Drive, Essentials Drive, Coat drive, and Flower Pot Donation.

Meet Araceli

araceli-godoy-djamsHi, my name is Araceli and I’ve been with the YMCA for 2 years – enjoying every single day of it… More

cc_quote_start2 I love the staff and how friendly they are. I like the clubs such as the cooking club, and that they allow the teens to to experience different things. cc_quote_end2

-Don Juan Avila Middle School YMCA Parent

More Don Juan Avila Middle School YMCA

Read about our Service Learning Projects

C.A.R.E.S Backpack Drive: in collaboration with CARES, we collect new backpacks and school supplies to help kids start the school year off right. CARES is a YMCA program offering Christian Assistance Resources Education & Services to staff, members and communities.

Essentials Drive: collect essential items for homeless infants and toddlers, and help raise awareness to support homeless families.

Flower Pot Donation: we make flower pots and donate them to senior homes.

Other Service Learning Projects: Coat drive.

Read about the Site Lead, Araceli Godoy

Hello! My name is Araceli Godoy and I have worked for the YMCA for two years – enjoying every single day of it! I have worked with middle school and high school students for over ten years and believe working with teenagers keeps me young. Middle schoolers have a special place in my heart because I had a hard time at that age and had great teachers that were there for me. I hope to help students during this awkward and important time in their life.

When I am not working with the kids, I enjoy reading, swimming, hiking, cooking, board games, puzzles, serving in the community, and a recent love for triathlons.

My philosophy is “If life give you lemons, plant the seeds and watch the fruit it produces.”

Read Parent's Testimonies

“I love the staff and how friendly they are. I like the clubs such as the cooking club, and that they allow the teens to to experience different things.” – Don Juan Avila YMCA Parent

“I’m a single parent struggling to raise my son without any financial assistance so it’s a huge burden to say the least. The scholarship program offered by the YMCA is the only way I can afford a to send my son to this safe, certified and educational program.” – Don Juan Avila YMCA Parent

“I like coming to the YMCA. One reason why I like coming is because we get to hang out with our friends. We also get to use our phones. The snack is also really good. Another reason is that we have more freedom than we did in elementary school. We get to choose if we want to stay inside or outside. I like to stay outside. We also get to finish some of our homework.” – Ashley, 6th Grade

“I like coming to the Y because over the summer, they take you on field trips. They also let you bring electronics and have good snack. The Y leaders are very friendly and we have more social time with other kids! Also the Y leaders have great help on homework. This is why I like going to the YMCA!” -Jasmine, 6th Grade

“I like coming to the YMCA because the leaders are nice and they allow us to use our phones as long as we are on appropriate websites. You also get to choose whether you want to sit inside or outside with your friends. Their snack is also very healthy, nutritious, and tasty.” –Mahsa, 6th Grade

“Hi, my name is Paulette. I like coming to the YMCA. One reason why I like coming to the YMCA is because we get to play on our phones. And also I like coming because we go on field trips. And I also like coming because we get to sit outside.” –Paulette, 6th Grade

“Hi. I’m Amrutha, I <3 the YMCA. There is so much to do. We are allowed to be on our electronics with their permission. I also really like the crafts and the fun times at the YMCA. I really like all the leaders and snacks at the YMCA. It’s really fun and nice to be at. =) ” -Amrutha, 6th Grade

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