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Don Juan Avila Family YMCA Before and Afterschool Child Care Center

At the Don Juan Avila Family Y, we care for kids!  YMCA After School Programs provide a safe, structured, and fun environment for children between the ages of 4.9 and 12 – right on school campus. YMCA After School meets all of your needs by providing safety, homework support, recreation, and enrichment for your kids, including afterschool care for early birds and late owls.  Don Juan Avila Family YMCA in Aliso Viejo offers year-round, licensed child care including full-day summer camps and full daycare during school holidays (spring break, winter break, holiday break.)



26278 Wood Canyon
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 360-5907
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6:45am-6:00pm M-F




Don Juan Avila Offerings

Year Round Programs
Winter Day Camp Weekly Activity Calendars

We offer rotating clubs which include science club, fitness club, track and field, NFL club, Dr. Suess club, building club, music & movement club and much more!

Service Learning/Family Involvement

The children choose their own service learning projects and decide how they want to serve their community. They also choose their specialty clubs, plan the snack menus and plan after school projects. We provide back to school night childcare, family movie night, holiday showcase, parents night out, thanksgiving break camp, winter camp, spring break camp and much more!

Meet Tamara

Tamara pictureI have over 10 years experience working with children in the elementary, middle school and high school setting. I have always had a passion working with kids. After graduating with my… Read More

cc_quote_start2  I never thought my son, who normally never leaves my side, would branch out so much and become so much more social! I know it’s all thanks to the YMCA!cc_quote_end2

-Don Juan Avila YMCA Parent

More Don Juan Avila YMCA

Read about our Service Learning Projects

Every October we collect Halloween candy for the troops and adopt a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The children raised money to save the rain forest by buying two acres of land. They also made blankets for Project Linus to comfort children in the hospital.

In February, the children participated in a Fill-it-with-50 challenge to support our annual fundraising campaign. On their own, the children raised over $800 to help provide scholarships to families in our community for sports programs, childcare and gym memberships.

Meet the Director

I have over 10 years experience working with children in the elementary, middle school and high school setting. I have always had a passion working with kids. After graduating with my Bachelors in Business, I began the teaching credential  and masters program in elementary education. Half way through the program I realized I wanted to help kids in a different way. I changed my major and graduated with a Masters in Criminal Justice. My goal was to work with youth who found themselves in trouble and needed a positive role model. Working for The Y has allowed me to not only mentor the children in our after school program but the staff, and other participants as well.

The YMCA has became such an important part of my life over the past 6 years. I have had the pleasure of seeing a group of kids start in Kindergarten and now grow all the way to fifth grade. It is such an amazing feeling to be a part of the community and having the opportunity to be a great role model for the kids, parents and staff.

I am so grateful to work with a group of kind, loving and passionate people. The friendships I have made working for the YMCA are those to last a lifetime! Words cannot express how important I feel the YMCA is to the communities of Orange County. I couldn’t imagine a community thriving the way it does without a group of compassionate people to pass on empathy and change to those around us!

Read Parent Testimonies

“We are really thankful for having the YMCA program and its staff at DJAE. I always share with other parents how this Y is awesome and all due to the hard working staff, the communication, the positive atmosphere and great followup. Many Thanks to Julie, Michelle, Cherie, Jasmine, Tamara, Sabrina, Brad and all the staff for the great work and help you do.”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

“We love the Y and always come back to DJAES for the summer even though we spend the school year at another campus.”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

“Since my children were in the YMCA they are more confident and social. Now they are a lot friends and normally my children find some of their friends everywhere.”

“My daughter Lily is currently in the fifth grade and has been attending the YMCA year round since the summer before Kindergarten.  We absolutely love the YMCA staff and program.  I would recommend it for anyone looking for before and school care or a fun summer program.

Before we moved to Aliso Viejo Lily attended a preschool in Santa Ana and we loved it.  I was so sad to leave the school and I honestly didn’t think we would ever find a program that we loved as much as that preschool.  Well, I was wrong.  The staff and program at the Y are fantastic!  Many of the staff members that we met that first summer back in 2009 are still there and most of my daughter’s closest friends are also the friends she met at the Y the summer before Kindergarten.  I feel like the Y staff has played an important part in Lily’s growth from preschool to fifth grade.  They’ve helped academically, but socially and emotionally as well.  They have always offered great advice, pep talks and plenty of high fives when needed.  I feel like the staff genuinely cares about each individual child and tries to make their experience at the Y the best that it can be!

We love the YMCA summer program and plan to enroll Lily’s younger siblings in the program this year too. The staff takes great care to plan exciting field trips and adventures.  I am amazed at the variety of activities that they plan.  It’s tiring just looking at the schedule. I’m not sure how they do it.  There is certainly never a dull moment.  Lily loves every single field trip!  I have always appreciated that the cost of the field trips are included in the summer program pricing.  I feel like its a great value!”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

“Center Director, Julie, has been extremely proactive in making sure that we have a great experience at the Y. Overall I feel my children are always safe and having fun!”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

“We love the YMCA! My son had been at home with either a family member or a nanny since he was born. When he entered first grade this year we needed another option because of the hours of the school. We were very hesitant about the YMCA at first because we hadn’t really experienced a day care situation. I even contemplated quiting my job and staying home. We are so happy to report what a wonderful program the YMCA is – at this point I think my son would rather go to the YMCA every day and have fun with his friends and staff there than have me pick him up and bring him home after school. We couldn’t be happier and I regularly refer and recommend the YMCA at Don Juan to anyone I know who is looking for after school care. Thank you!!”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

“I would highly recommend the Don Juan Avila YMCA to anyone looking for in-school childcare services. They have some of the best people managing the children. My daughter, who is in 3rd grade now, has been there since KG. Each year is a heartbreak for her letting go of her primary Y teacher because they form such a strong bond.

The Y also has some great activities during school breaks taking care and keeping the children engaged. During the school days, they also help kids with completing homework providing time, opportunity and assistance whenever needed. So, it’s not all play and no work.

Of course, the summer is such a blast! With all those fantastic entertainments that are planned .I also much appreciate the flexibility of the teachers and the director in many instances.”

-Don Juan Avila Parent

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